Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Haircut Week

This past week all our kids got haircuts. Tate just got his usual buzz but I decided to take Kennedy and Tia to that new place in Layton called Snip Its and let me just say that place is so dang cute. Kids have there own tv to either watch cartoons or play games. They can also have treats and when they are done they take some of their hair and put it in this magical machine that turns it into a prize. My girls loved that and even Tate was entertained there. Probably due to the toys they have there to buy. Thank goodness I brought grandma along to spoil her grandkids. Kennedys hair turned out so cute. Tia only got a trim so now its more even. My mom told me if I ever cut off Tia's hair she would kill me and I do love her hair long. Here are some pics from that day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Absolute Bliss

So Monday was Ben and I's 8th wedding anniversary but we were able to celebrate the entire weekend thanks to my wonderful parents. They took Kennedy, Tate, and Tia camping up at Bear lake for the weekend. Brave souls. So what was our huge plans since the kids were gone? Pretty much nothing which was everything I thought it could be and more. We bummed around, went to the drive-in, out to eat, and relaxed. I did drag Ben to two doctor appointments but this should be my last visit at a doctors for quite a long time at least it better be. I am finally feeling like my old self again minus my gallbladder of course. I forgot how easy it is to go places with just one kid and not having to raise my voice for a whole weekend was a little weird although I'm sure my parents were doing plenty of it to make up for my lack thereof. No the kids were actually pretty good surprisingly. The only big punishment was for Tate when he hit Kennedy in the face with a flyswatter for the second time. Well Ben and I decided that the 8th anniversary is the swing anniversary. We have been wanting a porch swing for quite sometime and we finally did it. I love it! It was our gift to each other so I was really surprised when Ben came home early Monday with my favorite kind of roses. He had them made for me so I know it was probably a pretty penny but I don't care cause they're gorgeous. Ben is a seriously thoughtful guy and I love that about him among many other things. So this anniversary was simple but one for the books. Here's hoping the next 8 years are just as chaotic and wonderful as the first. I love you Ben!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Austin Woolf Romney

He is finally here. He was born April 20th at 6:31 pm, apparently the same birthday as Hitlers. Thanks for pointing that out Kyle. He weighed 8'6'' and was 20 1/2 inches long. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He actually has the most hair out of all my kids. It was quite a shock and he is obviously adorable as you can see. Unfortunately the little guy had what they call TTN and I'm not going to remember what that stands for. Basically he had fluid stuck in his lungs that they couldn't get out so he was having a hard time breathing. Some babies can clear it out in 24 hours but some can take up to a week or more and of course Austin decided he should be in the week or more category. They say it is alot more common with C-sections because the fluid doesn't get squeezed out in the birth canal. So they had to admit him to the NICU so that means 3 out 4 of our kids are part of the NICU club. Not bad huh. He was completely fine in every other aspect so it wasn't as bad as it was with our twins and we had done it all before so we were pros. A week after he was born we were finally able to bring him home but on oxygen which was our choice. We could either keep him in the NICU till he could breath fine on his own or bring him home earlier on oxygen. We wanted him home as soon as possible so we decided on the oxygen plus we had to do that with Tate also so we're pros at that as well. We are just so glad that he is finally home and we are a complete family. The kids were starting to think he wasn't real and Ben said he felt like Austin was the hospital's baby and we were just visiting. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to take him off the oxygen completely. It would definitely make things alot easier. I'm getting a little sick of our Family room/master bedroom/nursery. As you can see in these pics Kennedy adores baby Austin. She is my little mom. Always helping me out. So far I haven't lost it yet with 4 kids but time will tell. Thanks to everyone that has been helping us out especially my mom and dad who bravely watched our three kids for an entire week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. Patricks Day

I am trying to get caught up on my posts before I have this baby but I am not sure that it's possible. This St. Patrick's Day we had a little party for the girls. My only idea for the day was to make green pancakes which when I told Kennedy about it she made a disgusted face and said, "No thanks Mom". I finally convinced her that they would taste the same and that it was only food coloring so she agreed to try them and was shocked. I hadn't planned on the party but Kitty's preschool got cancelled and she was just crushed about it so we decided to do something on our own. Lauren and Reese were sad to so we decided to invite them in on the fun. So after an agonizing trip to Target we had all the materials we needed. If you noticed Tate isn't in any of the pictures, it was because he was in a timeout during the party for bad behavior. My trip to Target should have been only 15 minutes long but became 40 minutes because of Tate. I couldn't put him in the cart because he would scream bloody murder and everyone in the store would stare at me. I'm sure they're thinking jeez lady get a grip on that kid so I would let him walk and then he would play his favorite game in Target of hide and seek with mommy. Then after we get home he starts throwing a humongous fit and that was it. I had hit my Tate quota of the day. It was much more peaceful without him and we all know Tate has no interest in making crafts anyways. The girls colored a picture of a leprechaun with a rainbow and then they built their own rainbow with clouds. I came up with that idea and was quite impressed with myself if I may say so. Pretty sad huh. Then Michelle brought over sugar cookies for them to decorate and then they all got to search for their own pot of gold outside. I think they all had fun and they still got to have their preschool party later that week.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Father Son Outing

This week Ben took Tate to the Thomas and Friends show at the E Center. As some of you may know Tate is completely obsessed with trains right now especially Thomas and his friends. Ben bought the tickets awhile ago but never told Tate because he didn't want to hear, " When we going to see Thomas, Dad?" everyday. In fact he didn't even tell him at all. When he got to the E Center he kept saying look dad that kid has a Thomas shirt like me but it never clicked. They sat down waiting and finally figured it out when the show started and he heard Thomas's whistle. He then totally freaked out and was so excited. We weren't exactly sure if he would enjoy a show with singing and dancing but apparently its okay as long as there are trains in it. Those of you that don't know Tate all that well should know that Tate hates it when anyone sings. Ben said they had pretty good seats but I guess they weren't good enough for Tate because he kept trying to climb on top of Ben's head. So the outing was a success which I was so happy about cause Ben usually has such high expectations of how these things should go and he is usually let down. Maybe the kids are just getting old enough to appreciate them. Here are some pics. The first one Tate said that him and Ben needed to make silly faces which I think turned out pretty cute.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kennedy's First Friend Party

So I am kind of making it a habit of posting birthdays two months after but at least I finally get to it right. We took 12 kids to the Classic Fun Center for the party. I know we're crazy and it was a little chaotic but I think they all loved it. I think I might cut the list down next time though. Luckily the grandparents came to help out so I just had a person guarding each play area and it worked really well. It was a little expensive but priceless in the fact that when we left we got to leave the mess behind. Here are some pics from party.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Belated Birthday

I was about to post about Kennedy's birthday when I realized that I never did Tate and Tia's. I am 2 1/2 months late but better late than never right. On their actual birthday Ben took them to the Air Force museum. They had a great time with daddy. Tate's favorite part was flying the model plane in the wind tunnel. Ben said he had to pry his little hands off it so the other kids could have a turn.

We also had a family get together later that week. I made Tate a train cake since he is obessesed with them. Not quite as impressive as Amy's but I did give it a shot. I made a T for Tia with Tinkerbell on top. She was Tinkerbell for Halloween and has loved fairies ever since. Sometimes we'll call her princess and she'll say no I'm a fairy. Tia got the usual girly stuff, fairies, ponies, etc. Tate of course got trains and we ventured out and bought him a batman cave but the girls have played with it more than him. I'm sure one of these days he move onto something other than trains but for now it is all he cares about.